Established in 1989, Lorenzetto Loris Srl has more than thirty year experience in soil consolidation and geological works for large civil engineering projects. 
The company is specialized in the design and manufacture of equipment for tunnelling, special foundation works, micro-piles, tie rods and ground consolidation.
The company’s owner, began working in the sector in 1972 in his capacity of head of technology for the equipment at Rodio SpA, global leader in the management and execution of large-scale projects. 
He gained experience and broadened his skills on jobsites around the world, working on projects to construct mega dams, consolidate tunnels and underground railway lines, bridges and viaducts, and restore important historical buildings. 
At the end of the Eighties, the conditions of this important sector which was key to the economic development of the country were such that he decided to set up his own business, drawing on his experience and knowledge of the needs of designers and clients. 
Today Lorenzetto Loris Srl is a well-established business with its focus set firmly on the future. It continuously upgrades the technical and technological features of its equipment to provide solutions to the new global challenges of the sector.