The Company

Lorenzetto Loris S.r.L. designs and manufactures machines that suit the specific demands and needs of the client, based on the experience gained over time. Through the enhancement of synergies with various experts involved in the process (electronic engineers, software engineers, mechatronics professionals), the company directly controls and manages all phases of the production process: design, construction, assembly, maintenance and assistance.

The high quality of the products and services, the ability to respond directly to the customer's needs through the "customization" of the models to fit the  characteristics required, make Lorenzetto Loris S.r.l. a unique and reliable company.

Our equipment is characterized by ease of use and reliability in achieving high performance. We provide an after-sale service and, upon request, a support service in the use of the machinery during the start up.

The direct relationship with the workers on construction site  and the response to emergencies are of great importance.

We are proud to have among our customers world-leading companies in the civil engineering field.