Lorenzetto Loris S.r.L. designs machines that suit the specific demands and needs of the client, also  proposing “customised” solutions through the enhancement of synergies with various experts involved in the process (electronic engineers, software engineers, mechatronics professionals).


The company controls and manages all phases of the production process.

Revision and Restoration

The restoration and reparation process, is not just a cleaning service of the machine, but it means an overall check-up, dissasembly into components, restoration of individual components or replacement of damaged /worn parts, re-assembly and re-alignment. At the end of this process, the machine is as if it were new and perfectly functioning.

Maintenance service can be done in our warehouse, at the job site by our technicians or remotely, by detailed instructions to the operators.

Customer Relations

The high quality of products and services, the ability to respond directly to customer needs, if necessary also through the "customization" of models which are adapted to the precise characteristics required, make Lorenzetto Loris S.r.l. a unique and reliable company.


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