Policy of Quality

The Quality Policy is based on the following principle:
“The highest customer satisfaction in accordance with its expectations and explicit and implicit requirements, obtained thanks to the high quality of the products and services offered”

Through the systematic implementation of a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED, with the intent to pursue the continuous improvement of our products and our service.

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It means:

  1. We must continuously improve by designing and building innovative products in compliance with mandatory rules. The ability to improve continuously will be measured by verifying the attainment of the objectives set in the process policy, and also by considering the cost-benefit ratio whose value will be established by the management through the review of the quality system, taking into account market conditions and the expectations of the customers.

  2. The Customer must always be held in high regard and all of us must work focusing our attention to the fulfillment of customers’ demand and to the interpretation of their needs so that they can be translated into products and services that increasingly respond to customers’ expectations.

  3. The ability to work for customer satisfaction can be measured by the amount of claims, the related costs, time delays in processing the contractual requirements etc., as well as by verifying the attainment of the objectives set out in the process policy.
    The Management will quantify the value of these indicators during the review of the quality system so that they are relevant, appropriate and commensurate with market conditions and customer expectations.

  4. Quality is a responsibility and a personal commitment of everybody and therefore it is the duty of the process managers and of each employee, to work to ensure to lay the groundwork for the systematic achievement of the objectives set out in this document, those related to the processes and those defined periodically in the review by the Management.

    For this purpose, it is of fundamental importance the respect of the contents of the quality system procedures whose level of implementation will be measured through DEFINED PERFORMANCE INDICATORS. Management will establish the value of these indicators during the review of the quality system, and on this occasion, they will eventually decide to identify (and quantify) further indicators.

The Management is available to deal with all the parties involved in the activity, whether within the Company, such as employees and employees, operating outside the Company, such as Clients, Suppliers, Institutions,Banks...... .... The Management undertakes to disseminate QUALITY POLICY within the Company through the delivery of the information to the operators, by means of the communication of messages within the premises; Outside the Company by publishing on the INTERNET SITE and sending the Customer Information and Suppliers by email.

The Management is formally committed to conduct a systematic and documented review of the quality system to ensure the continuing suitability and effectiveness of that system in satisfying the requirements of the reference standard, the goals expressed in the company's quality policy, those defined in the policies processes and those which, from time to time, will be defined, on the occasion of the review. The review is the institutional occasion in which will be established the most appropriate and adequate measurement criteria for each identified indicator and it is the occasion when the necessary resources and means are made available to allow managers of the involved processes to operate in order to achieve the established goals.

The Management is aware that the contribution of each employee is essential to the achievement of corporate objectives and for this purpose specific duties and responsibilities have been assigned to each employee.
The Management is committed to invest in education and training, to create the most suitable conditions for each employee in order to carry out their activities independently and to be aware of how their activities contribute, and are important to the attainment of the quality objectives.

ARRE, 17.06.2019 REV.2

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